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Matt Mitchell - News, Radar Weather, Lottery Numbers and Local Information

9am to 11am

The Lorne Brooker Show
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11am to 12pm

Devin Bellinger
- Wendy's Trivia at 11:40pm
- Pet Clinic at 11:15pm

12:30am to 2pm

CJBQ Music

2pm to 7pm

The Freddy Vette Show - Great songs from the 50's and 60's
- Words and Music Contest for Kelsey's & Montanna's at 5:20pm
- Staff Meteorologist Kevin Williams with Radar Weather at 4:35pm

Mon-Thu 7pm to 12am

The John Tesh Radio Show

Fri 10pm to 12am

Canadian Trucking Radio Show with Stan Campbell


6am to 7am

The Motts

7am to 10am

Brian Decaire


Weekend Magazine with Sean Kelly

Noon to 6pm

Pop Memories with Jim Wright


6am to 12pm

Brian Decaire


Newsmaker Sunday with Mary Thomas


All About Books with Gary Lafferty

12:30pm Weekend Magazine with Sean Kelly
1pm to 5pm Classic Country Sunday with Jim Wright

5pm to 6pm

Into the Blue with Terry Herd

6pm to 7pm The Motts

7pm to 9pm

Canadian Trucking Radio Show with Stan Campbell

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