Motown, Memphis & Music City – Day 1

One Response to “Motown, Memphis & Music City – Day 1”

  1. Mary Clarke says:

    Hi Freddy, Mrs. Vette, Mom and Dad and the Elvis fans!

    This is great that you will be posting videos on your website!

    Freddy, only you could find a boot at the rest stop. The entire parking lot and you find the one boot!

    Did you go into the rest centre and announce that you found a boot, like you do on CJBQ when there is a lost dog in Frankford?

    Mrs. Vette’s Brownies are delicious! That hippy does not know how to bake!

    I am a huge Elvis fan and can you play an Elvis song on the bus and I would like to dedicate it to your fans on the bus!

    How about If I Can Dream?

    Safe travelling and thankfully the weather will be better this week than last week.

    The weather today is cloudy/rain high of 10! No sun until Monday!

    Take care,


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