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NEW Beatles record in stores November 11th!

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Live at the BBC Vol. 2 – Coming November 11th. Volume 1 is one of my favourite Beatle albums. Really shows what a great live band they were and what profound reverence they had for Rock & Roll of the 1950’s.

14 Johns – Freddy Vette (16 Tons Parody)

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


One night I was lonely so I went outside
Just walkin down the street, what a beautiful night
I saw a nice lady and she gave me a smile
Next thing I know I’m awaitin’ trial.

They catch 14 johns and what do I get
My name on the news and the internet
Don’t try to call me cause I ain’t home
I’m sleepin in the Dog house all alone.

What was I thinkin, oh me oh my
Try to get my lovin’ out on the sly
One minute I’m meetin’ with my lady friend
She flashed her badge and that was the end.


Well, I fell for a lady cop in disguise
Now I’m in a cell with 13 other guys
If I’d known back then what I know now.
Woulda looked for love in a different town


I thought this was the friendly city.
With the grass so green and the girls so pretty.
I know I was wrong, just give me a chance.
Shoulda thought with my brain instead of my pants.



Dine in Paris, France and listen to Freddy!

Friday, September 13th, 2013

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy to tell you that the radio show is now being piped into a small chain of 50s/60s style diners in and around Paris, France. They were looking for an English/American style rock and roll radio show for their restaurants instead of just playing a jukebox. Somehow they found me. So if you’re in Paris and you want a taste of Freddy (that sounds filthy), drop by one of the nine HD diners and BON APPETIT!!


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